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Mediant Studies

Outline of the new Advanced Theory Module for LMusTCL

The module replaces the Score Analysis Module.

It is designed for the 2017-20 LMusTCL syllabus.

 Click on words underlined to see samples.

I think it's impossible to pass the LMusTCL exam without some help from an experienced teacher like you!
Hong Kong
February 2016
Hello Sir, Do I have words to hold my excitement, I really wished to have called you but you'll be asleep at this time, so I didn't. I passed the LMusTCL with Distinction! I've scored 82 marks! I am yet to see the mark sheet but will send you a copy very soon. I have no words to thank you, even on behalf of my family. This happiness and success is incomplete without thanking you again and again!
Mohit Kumar H Dodwani
Hyderabad, India
January 2017
(Published with Mohit's permission)
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