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   Music Courses
        Intermediate Theory (up to ABRSM grade 5)
            Outline of the Intermediate Theory Course

            Survey of skills needed to take the course:  download as a Word or pdf file

            Outline of the AMusTCL course

                  Score Analysis Module

                  Musical Knowledge Module

                  Composition Module

                  Schubert Symphony Module

                  Bach Arrangements Module

            AMusTCL registration form

            Outline of the LMusTCL course
                   Advanced Score Analysis Module
                   The Musical Detective
                   Genre and Set Work Module

                    Extracts from the Essay Writing Module

            LMusTCL registration form

     Grade 6
           Outline of the Grade 6 course

           Grade 6 registration form


           Course Fees
          Course Regulations

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  Music Resources
            Intermediate Theory

            Grade 6


            Music Teaching books and other theory books
            Charges, payments and refunds


Music Teaching
            Piano and Keyboard lessons

            Theory and Composition

             Terms of Teaching

      English Lessons
            Terms of Teaching

       English Resources

Art History

       Art History Lessons
            Terms of Teaching


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