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Mediant Studies



These resources are available only as printed booklets.

Please contact us and ask for samples, or for a full catalogue.

Prices quoted are in New Zealand Dollars.


PP05 WHEELIES 4 pages $3.00

An exciting way of learning terms and signs for first year pianists. Includes a recital piece.

PP09 EASY JAZZ Grade 1 10 pages $5.00

Original pieces illustrating various jazz styles, with ideas for creative involvement by the student. This booklet can be used after TB21 Piano: a starter for Musicians or Book 2 of TB12 Sight and Sound.

PP15 DUCKWALK Grade 4-5 2 pages $3.00

A lively piece in jazz style. Requires careful attention to phrasing, articulation, pedalling and dynamics.

PP21 CHARACTERISTIC INVENTIONS Grade 2-3 8 pages $5.00

8 two-part pieces. The idea came from the Two-Part Inventions of J.S.Bach, although the technique needed to perform these is much more modest. The pieces are short, tuneful and rhythmical. The notes are generally not difficult to play, although careful attention to dynamics and articulation is necessary if the pieces are to be heard at their best. Can be used after PP11 Easy Jazz or PP12 Easy Classics.

PP32 TAKE-OFFS Grade 3 4 pages $3.50

3 simple parodies of well-known songs or styles: By Candlelight, Stroll down the Avenue, The Second Noel, A Classic Twist. Attention to rests, accentuation and pedalling is necessary to give the pieces life.

PP38 IN CLASSIC STYLE Grade 3 8 pages L

A simple piece in eighteenth-century style written to illustrate Sonata Form. Included is a worksheet backgrounding the symphony and sonata form, with worksheet on thematic development. See TH51.

PP45 POOLSIDE Grade 5 2 pages $3.50

A sultry piece in blues style, requiring careful attention to articulation, expression and pedalling.

PP50 GYMNOPEDIE no.1 Grade 5-6 1 page $2.50

A short piece in the style of Satie. Edited from an original by David Hamilton.

PP85 FANCY WORK 14 pages $9.00

A collection of atmospheric but energetic pieces. Individual pieces may be ordered separately as follows:

PP48 A TOUCH OF PARADISE Grade 6 3 pages $5.00
PP56 BE NATURAL Grade 6 3 pages $5.00
PP66 THE HAUL OF THE GREAT FISH Grade 8 4 pages $6.00
PP68 CHATTERBOX Grade 7 3 pages $5.00


OR51 PSALTATION 4 pages $3.50

An lively piece based on the tradition of great organ music but couched in a twentieth century style.


IN40 THE GROWING OF THE SEED 3 pages $6.00 set

Original duo for flute and clarinet.

IN55 BOW AND BLOW 7 pages $5.00 each

Original short, easy pieces for violin, trumpet and tuba

IN59 STRINGS TO THE BLOW 5 pages $4.00 each

Original short pieces for flute, guitar and cello.

IN60 TWOS AND THREES 7 pages $5.00 each

Original short easy pieces for a trio of C, B flat, and bass instruments.

IN62 CHARACTERISTIC INVENTIONS 8 pages $8.00 per copy

8 short original two part pieces for C and Bb instruments.


Unless specified otherwise, the texts have been written, compiled or adapted by Bruce Baker.


CA21 AWAKE! SSAA, piano 9 pages $4.00

A choral celebration of Psalm 108, written for the Opus choir at Epsom Girls' Grammar School. The piano part is relatively simple, but some of the vocal passages are reasonably challenging.

CA30 CAROL OF THE FESTIVAL TREE $3.00 per copy $11.00 per set of 20

CA30a (Easy SATB with optional organ/piano/guitar), CA30b (unison with simple piano or guitar)
This carol was intended to capture something of the Christmas festival as it is experienced by most New Zealanders. See also CA31 below.


A more varied setting with 3 stave organ accompaniment of the carol above. The arrangement has been devised so that choirs who have few or no tenors may sing it as SAB. See also CA30 above.

CA40 CRY TO MY PEOPLE Unison or SATB $10.00 per set of 20

A paraphrase in simple English of verses from Isaiah 40, in a lively, syncopated setting, from the cantata Who is that Man? Can be sung dramatically, with soloists for God & prophet, with the choir as chorus.

CA46 HE IS RISEN! Unison, piano $2.50 per copy $11.00 per set of 20

Adapted from words by Cecil Frances Alexander. A short, but lively song suitable for Easter.

CA53 INVOCATION SATB, organ or piano 10 pages $5.00

A song for opening worship, intended to appeal to old and young alike.

CA61 I WILL EXTOL THEE 2 parts, piano or organ 9 pages $4.00

2-part setting of Psalm 145.1-3, written for the disc Scriptures of Worship. The parts have a small range, so as to suit most voices. The choir may be accompanied by piano, or organ, or both. Words and music are simple enough to be learnt very quickly by a choir, or to be sung in unison by a congregation.

CA76a/b PRAYER FOR WHOLENESS Two part, organ 6 pages $3.00

CA76a has lower part in bass clef, CA76b has both parts in treble clef, CA76c has piano accomp.
Set in the style of the French Romantic tradition. It was originally written for the St. Matthew's Singers.

CA83 SONG OF FAITH Soprano solo, SSA, piano 13 pages $6.00

CA83a SSA with optional soprano solo, CA83b Two-part choir or duet
A lively setting of a paraphrase of Proverbs 3.5. Very easy, although the piano part is more challenging.

CA86 THIRTEEN MEN SSAA unaccompanied 5 pages $2.50

Arranged by David Hamilton from a piece for SAB in the cantata Who is that Man?

CA91 WHO IS THAT MAN? SSA, piano or organ 12 pages $6.00

A lively setting of an imaginary reflection by one of the soldiers at the cross. Trumpet solo available on request. Originally in unison, from the cantata of the same name.


CM5 ALL FOR ONE 14 pages $7.00

Unison Christian songs for Church and School

CM8 THREE FOR ALL 14 pages $7.00

Sacred choral music for SAB

CM13 SONGS OF WORSHIP 30 pages $13.00

Prayers from the communion service set to music. The work is intended to appeal to a modern congregation. The text is couched in simple language, and the music is tuneful and rhythmical. The usual elements of the sung Communion Service (Creed, Gloria, Lord's Prayer, Doxology, etc) are included. Settings of the individual pieces vary between unison, 2 part, SAB and SATB. Accompaniment is by piano. See below for a suggested liturgy.

CM14 SONGS OF WORSHIP, Prayers and Order of Service 9 pages $3.00

Prepared for use with the choral setting above. The Service is suitable particularly for Presbyterian congregations, but could be adapted for use in other denominations.

CM16 GLORIA 6 pages $3.00

An ancient prayer in simple modern English, for SAB with piano accompaniment.

CM22 WHO IS THAT MAN? 19 pages $9.00

An Easter Cantata. In the main, it presents thumbnail sketches of the main people involved in the Easter story, and their response to the incidents in which they found themselves involved. It concludes with a message of hope from Isaiah, and an Alleluia. Included is a suggested Order of Service, with prayers and readings which individual choristers may be invited to present. The work is intended to present a variety of moods and styles, in order to satisfy a wide range of tastes. There are some pieces in unison, others in 3 or 4 parts. Piano accompaniment is needed for some of the pieces,, although some can be sung either with organ or piano or unaccompanied.

CM34 DEDICATION HYMN Unison, piano 2 pages $8.00 per set of 20

A three-verse song written for the dedication of the Church. (Originally written for the dedication of St David's Presbyterian Church, Taihape, in 1980.)


GN45 PRAYER FOR PEACE 13 pages $12.00 set

A spoken prayer, with music to interpret the meaning. Parts are as follows:
Two parts for flute or recorder.
Quite a challenging part for either horn or clarinet
Either one part for three-stave organ Or parts for keyboard and cello
Concentration is needed to time the entries of instruments and voice. There are some quite rapid passages for horn or clarinet, but otherwise the parts require only a modest technique. When ordering, please state the instrument parts required.

Please contact us and ask for samples, or for a full catalogue.

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