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Bruce Baker

Former students and colleagues have endorsed my skills on my Linkedin page.
M.A., B.D., L.T.C.L., L.MusT.C.L., Dip.Teach., A.I.R.M.T.


Registered to teach

•  Piano

•  Theory

•  Musical Knowledge



To enrich the lives of students with a love and understanding of music that they can both enjoy and share with others, and a range of musical skills that they can use in the service of their school, Church or community.

Styles taught: classical, jazz, light music, rock & pop
Levels: All levels from beginner to diploma / degree
Examinations prepared for:
Trinity, ABRSM (Royal Schools), Jazz piano, Rockschool, Rock & pop, School and University

My husband said that he was pleased to hear what [our son] has done in music for his compositions with you for the uni application.  January 2012, Suzhou, China.

Thanks, you are teaching me a new way of listening to music! I haven't pay attention before, now I can see it and it's amazing. I remember I used to listen to Bach and I will of course enjoy the music. But then, I learned what a fugue was and listening to Bach (especially the WTC) was a different story. I would start paying attention to the different voices and how they develop.  Auckland, New Zealand, May 2015

Thanks you for sharing your proposed resource material.  Well done!  With such a comprehensive document it is hard to comment!! Also you are VASTLY more experienced in the art of programme notes' writing.  Auckland, October 2009

I found the few sessions we spent together generally talking about the pieces, the composers, their place in the 'musical scheme' of things etc really helpful - It made me far more confident for the viva voce / discussion of programme notes part of the exam and I am sure contributed to my good score in that section.  Auckland, September 2009

My aim is to help people to extend their musical knowledge and theoretical skills.   I try in particular to relate theory to real-life situations, so students can put their knowledge and skills into practice when writing, arranging or performing music.

I prepare students for grade and diploma theory exams, as well as school and university exams.

I help diploma (Trinity and ABRSM) students write programme notes (see sample), and I help prepare diploma students for ABRSM  viva voce tests.


I am a registered composer with the Centre for New Zealand Music (SOUNZ). 

As a published composer, I can help students wanting to learn to compose (or write down) their own music, either for pleasure, for performing in groups, or for examinations.

Many parents like their students to sit examinations, and I am happy to discuss with them which examinations may be suitable.

Some students - particularly adults - are interested in learning purely for their own satisfaction.  I try to make my teaching interesting by relating it (where appropriate) to history, literature, art and architecture, so students gain an all-round educational experience.

Teachers may wish to gain or refresh their knowledge.  I try to give them knowledge and skills they can share with their students, and help them to gain a deeper appreciation of the music they play.

I advise students to expand their musical experience by listening to a range of styles of music (either live or recorded).

I can teach either at my home in Mt Eden, Auckland, or by Skype or email. 

As a registered music teacher with a range of qualifications and experience, I charge $70 per hour ($35.00 per half hour).

Students out of Auckland can send me questions from ABRSM grade 8 papers for correction.  Students need to scan or photograph the questions and their answers and email them to me.  I will email my comments, including suggestions as to how to improve the answers.  The cost is $NZ20 per question.

For lessons at my home, click here for the Terms of Teaching page, which sets out what is expected of teacher and student. If you decide to take lessons, it would be a good idea to read this and fill it out before the first lesson


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