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Mediant Studies


Theory courses

Resource material and workbooks for the theory courses are supplied free with the course. However some students may wish to use material without taking that part of the course.
Note : Answers to most assignment questions are not included.
            Intermediate Theory
            Grade 6

Other resources

Resources for music teachers and students

"Thank you so much...for the Ornamentation booklet - it is going to be an extremely useful asset, I know;  and thank you, too, for your comprehensive comments."  Whangarei, New Zealand, 2008


Received with thanks! I am amazed by how thorough and organised the materials are. I will spend time go through all your efforts.  Looking forward for the chamber music and Brahms notes too.

Hong Kong
November 2015


Publications in jazz styles
These include tutor books, explanations of how to write jazz, and jazz pieces graded for various levels of ability.  Many resources come with a CD or DVD which includes further information, sheet music and recordings related to the styles introduced in the booklets.

These include a cantata, Who is that Man?, a choral Eucharist, and other genres, as well as music for piano students.

A wide range of arrangements of instrumental and vocal resources suitable for Church, school and studio is available.
Please contact us and ask for samples, or for a full catalogue.


Preparation of these resources has taken a considerable amount of time.  Teachers who would like to save their time by reproducing or distributing the resources (in either printed or electronic form) for use with their students can purchase the right to do so by paying three times the stated prices.


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