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LMusTCL Resources Order Form

Prices are indicated in the order form. They are to buy the resources only.  If you want to be able to ask questions about the information in the resources, or to send in assignments for marking, you should register for the LMusTCL course.  If, after you have ordered the resources, you then decide you need help, contact us, describing the help you need.  You will be sent an estimate of the cost of providing that help.

All modules include exam-type questions.  A model answer to each type of question is supplied as well. After you have studied the resources, you may if you wish answer either any of the questions for which there is no model answer, or questions from past papers, and send your answers in for detailed comments, for an extra fee.  A complete set of model answers is planned but not yet available.

Click here for information about charges, making payments, and the policy regarding refunds.

Please note that all resources available can be ordered for $370, a discount of 15%.

All sections include model answers.  If you have not ordered the resources for questions 1 and 2a in Part A of the paper, but would like a set of model answers for those questions, they can be ordered separately for $25.  Click here for a sample of answers to question 2a.


Specified (part) Resources:  Download an order form as a Word document or a pdf file.

All Resources Available:  Download an order form as a Word document or a pdf file.


Online comments by a former student:

"I've read the Ravel booklet already against the sheet music, and was grateful to have your perspective;  it really added to the preliminary analysis I'd made."  (Tauranga, New Zealand, March 2008)

There is an on-line teacher in New Zealand who can provide resource materials and mark papers for a fee. His name is Bruce Baker and his organisation is Mediant Studies. I've been liasing with Bruce regarding the LMus and I'm most impressed by the help and resources I've received. If anybody else is hoping to do this diploma, I'd recommend this tutor. Apparently most first time applicants who take themselves through the LMus material fail.”

"I just wanted to say thanks for providing such an excellent resource.!"  Stephen Dodsworth, London University, United Kingdom, November 2014

“Results came today and I'm glad to say I achieved 71% which is down to my e-tutor Bruce Baker's knowledge of the exam.   I don't recommend anybody tries this exam without some help/direction; I've been teaching music for 20 years this year and I found the exam tougher than my degree finals, because the exam is from memory, whereas my finals weren't.” 

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"Bruce, you are like my stylistic knight in shining armour!  Many thanks.  I will find your resource very useful!  This systematic approach will be most useful for my “own style” of learning."   Brisbane, Australia, October 2013



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Thanks for the resources! They're brilliant!
Otorohanga, New Zealand, April 2019



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