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Bruce Baker

M.A., B.D., L.T.C.L., L.MusT.C.L., Dip.Teach., C.L.T.A., A.I.R.M.T.

Students and colleagues have endorsed my skills on my Linkedin page.

To help students to communicate effectively, and to develop in them a range of skills that they can use in their daily lives, as well as a love and understanding of English language and literature that they can both enjoy and share with others


I teach English language and literature. This includes ESOL (teaching students who speak other languages), and preparing students for the IELTS test, or for the English Second Language papers for National Certificate of Education Achievement (NCEA) and Cambridge (CIE) examinations. I also prepare students for NCEA English, and the word-processing element of NCEA Information Management, as well as the Cambridge English Language and Literature and International Baccalaureate (IB) examinations.  I also help students with the English component of SAT tests for American universities.

I like my students to be able to enjoy as wide a range of language experiences as possible. I teach a full range of skills (including reading, writing, speaking, and listening) to all students. When possible, I offer students the opportunity to develop such skills as public speaking, essay writing, summarising, and conversational English. It is helpful if parents can provide opportunities for them to hear good English (either on the radio or stereo or at the theatre) and gently encourage them to improve their English.

I have produced a range of materials to use with students.  These are geared to the specific skills that students need in order to improve their English.

Please do not hesitate to discuss with me how I can help you achieve your goal - whether it is to learn to speak English more fluently, or to perform better in a business situation, or to improve your ability in public speaking, or to extend your knowledge of English literature, or to perform better in school or other examinations .

I teach at my studio in Mt Eden in Auckland.

Throughout my life I have developed skills in writing, speaking, reading and listening in practical situations - such as summarising speeches, writing reports, and editing newsletters.  From time to time I travel overseas to visit museums and galleries and other locations where I can deepen my knowledge of not only literature, but also music, history and art.  I have found it rewarding to share the knowledge and insights I gain with others, and to help students (particularly those at higher levels) to use these insights to gain a better understanding of the texts they study.

As a teacher with a wide range of qualifications and experience, I charge $70 per hour ($35  per half hour). 


It would be helpful if students could bring samples of their work to their first lesson. 

Terms of Teaching

Click here to see the Terms of Teaching. If you decide to take lessons, it would be helpful if you could fill this in, and either email it to me or bring it to your first lesson

Bruce's support and guidance with IB English and additional essays has been incredibly valuable. His knowledgeability has not only aided me in developing well-written essays, but has also gifted a wealth of cultural knowledge. I definitely felt more comfortable for my English exams and university applications!


I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for being an inspiring tutor to me for the past three years. I have improved greatly because of your guidance, and I have come to develop a greater understanding of the various forms of English, especially poetry and prose. I really enjoyed your teaching style, and I believe you were always able to accurately point out the improvements my writing needed without being negative.  I really appreciate the effort you have put into teaching me and I am very grateful for your time. I am happy to announce that I managed to score 90 in my AS English Literature exam, and I could not have done it without the huge amount of help you gave me.

Auckland, 21 September 2009


Thank you so much for your help. Samuel got certificate today. His writing improved a lot. He is so excited. You helped him a lot.
Auckland, May 2019

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