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Bruce Baker

M.A., B.D., L.T.C.L., L.MusT.C.L., Dip.Teach., A.I.R.M.T.

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Registered to teach

•  Piano
•  Theory (including advanced theory)
•  Musical Knowledge



To enrich the lives of students with a love and understanding of music that they can both enjoy and share with others, and a range of musical skills that they can use in the service of their school, Church or community.


Instruments taught: piano and electronic keyboard.

Styles taught: classical, jazz, light music, hymns

Levels: All levels from beginner to diploma


I like my students to be able to enjoy as wide a range of musical experiences as possible. I teach a full range of skills (including playing pieces, scales and arpeggios, sight reading, theory, and listening) When possible, I offer students the opportunity to develop such skills as playing by ear, improvising, playing from chord symbols, and composing.  

"Thank you for the great news! It's surprise for us to hear [my sister] got merit on the exam too!  But it's surely a good news for the Christmas!  We also want to say a big thank you to you for teaching [my sister] for the last few years, she couldn't done it without you!"  Auckland, 17 December 2012

"I do want to thank you especially  for getting [my son] to grade 8 and more importantly for the enjoyment he has had over the last year in particular.  That he passed was nothing short of a miracle and I had noticed the lift in his attitude to piano and playing it."  Auckland, 3 October 2012

We are very pleasure that the way you teach Zoey, she becomes pay lots of attentions to practice at home since last week and learning to play the beautiful tunes.  Auckland, 11 September 2017

It is helpful if students can be provided with opportunities to hear good music (either on the radio or stereo or at concerts). Gentle encouragement to practise and perform music is also very useful.

If you want to extend your musical knowledge, or develop your theory or aural skills, perhaps to help you pass school or other examinations, please discuss with me how I can help you

Many parents like their students to sit examinations, and I am happy to discuss with them which examinations may be suitable. However some students are interested only in playing for their own enjoyment. I try to make this a very satisfying experience for them, although I encourage students to give pleasure to others by playing to them when appropriate, if they feel able to do so. It is particularly important for students who are preparing for examinations to gain experience of performing for others. This also helps them to learn to deal with the anxiety of performing for an examiner - anxiety which often costs valuable marks. I therefore expect exam students to gain performance experience..

I teach at my home in Mt Eden, Auckland, and online (via Skype)

Click here for the Terms of Teaching page, which sets out what is expected of teacher and student. If you decide to take lessons, it would be a good idea to read this and fill it out before the first lesson.

As a registered music teacher with a range of qualifications and experience, I charge $70 per hour ($35 per half hour). 


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