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Mediant Studies

Grade 6 Resources

Prices are indicated in the order form. They are to buy the resources only.  If you want to be able to ask questions about the information in the resources, or to send in assignments for marking, you should register for the Grade 6 course.  If, after you have ordered the resources, you then decide you need help, contact us, describing the help you need.  You will be sent an estimate of the cost of providing that help.

ABRSM do not provide sample papers on their website, but printed past papers can be purchased from Piano Traders in Auckland or ABRSM in the United Kingdom.

A set of all the resources can be ordered at the special price of $45.  

Please note that these resources contain material (mainly about history and style) which is often needed to answer question 5 in the exam but is not included in either the ABRSM Grade 6 workbook or the AB Guide to Music Theory.

Paypal users outside New Zealand please note that, as the amount is under $150, a transaction fee will not be payable.)

All modules include exam-type questions.  (There is of course no one "correct" answer to questions which involve composing or arranging music, but there are examples of what a good answer would look like, so you know what to aim for. Answers are supplied for the assignment on ornamentation.)  After you have studied the resources, you may if you wish answer any of these questions, or questions from past papers from 2012 onwards, and send your answers in for detailed comments, for an extra fee.    The fee is $16 per question, $65 per paper.

Click here for information about charges, making payments, and the policy regarding refunds.


Download an order form for a full set of resources as a Word document or a pdf file.

Download an order form for specified resources as a Word document or a pdf file.


"I was impressed with the standard and comprehensiveness (!) of the written material, very logical, easy-to-follow, and well-structured."  Auckland, New Zealand, December 1998

I commend once again, yourself and your school for bridging the gap between institution and student. You have basically given students the direction to success in a clear and concise presentation.  Nathan Peters, Cape Town, South Africa, March 2016

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