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Mediant Studies

LMusTCL COURSE 2017-18

Genre and Set work

The only option being offered at the moment is the Beethoven Diabelli Variations and the Keyboard genre.

Click on words underlined to see samples.

"I have glanced through the Brahms files - they are excellent I must say!  Thanks a lot for putting it together!" Hyderabad, India, September 2015.

"I just received my results, and am happy to have passed ! (pass in each section and 71 overall).  I owe the result to your excellent material, so just wanted to say thanks again.  I will certainly recommend you and your work to any colleagues or students studying for the exam."  (Steven Dodsworth,  alumnus of Cambridge University, UK, January 2015)

"Thank you again for all you have done for me and always giving me such detailed and prompt replies.  I really appreciate all you have done for me." (8 November 2010)

This is an amazing work about Ligeti!  first time I listened to his music I was 13 and it really made a very big impression over me. It was good to read about it in an order and insightful way.
Mannheim, Germany
October 2015


A great deal of research goes into creating the material supplied, although you are more likely to gain high marks if you add to what the course offers by doing your own reading and listening.

For those who take the course, I spend a considerable amount of time commenting on assignments, in order to help students to widen their knowledge, in answering any questions they ask, and in helping them to improve their essay-writing technique (if necessary).  If necessary, you can chat with me on Skype.  (Contact me to ask for my Skype ID.)

You may take your score into the exam room.

You should mark in bar numbers, if they are not there already.

You must not put any other markings in the score.

Click here to see notes provided for previous set works on Academia. These are just notes (without the musical examples, essay plans and model answers which are included in the package I supply.)  I have been advised that I am in the top 2% of researchers in Academia based on views over a thirty-day period.

Please contact us if you need any more information.

Dear Bruce. Congrats for your works here . Formidable and fantastic your explanations about Bach´s Suite 
P, C. M. de Aguiar, October 2019


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