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Mediant Studies

Course fees and payments

  1. Taking a module or section as a "course" (rather than just ordering material) includes the resources and making comments on assignments sent in to point out mistakes and suggest improvements.

  2. There is a registration fee of $10-00 to cover administrative costs for those taking courses.

  3. Fees must be paid before resources are sent out.  If students can not manage to pay the fees in full, arrangements can sometimes be made to delay part of the payment.  In this case, resources will be sent in instalments, and the full fee (including transaction fees for the full amount, depending on the method of payment), must be paid before the examination.  Details should be discussed with the Director. 

  4. Samples of course material are available on the website.  Refunds for course material will not be given once the material has been supplied.  Partial refunds of other course fees may be given in special circumstances.

  5. In some cases, students will be given the opportunity to take a module again for a reduced price.

  6. At least one specimen answer is supplied for most types of question. Any students who wish to attempt one or more assignments a second time, and send it/them in for comment, will be asked to pay a charge of $15 per assignment for diploma assignments, $10 for grade 6 assignments.

  7. Most sections include questions based on those asked in previous examinations.  If any students also wish to answer questions from past papers and send them in for marking, they will need to attach a scan or photograph of both question and answer (unless the answer is text) to the email.  The following charges will be made:
    Grade 6:  $12 per question, or $52 for a whole paper (5 questions)
    Grade 8:  $20 per question, or $90 for a whole paper (5 questions) 
    AMusTCL: $33 per question or $140 for a whole paper (5 questions)
    LMusTCL:  $38 per question, or $130 for a whole paper (4 questions)

    This does not entail simply reading the answer and giving a mark, as an examiner would normally do;  it is a time-consuming process which provides detailed comments suggesting ways of improving the answers.

  8. Prices quoted are in New Zealand dollars. There is no charge for payments by cash, cheque or internet banking made within New Zealand in New Zealand dollars.    There is however a transaction fee of $15 for payments from other countries.  When payments are made by International Money Transfer, these should include the fees charged by both the sending and the receiving banks. (The latter is usually $25.)  There is a fee of $15 for payment by internet banking from a bank outside New Zealand, unless it is made to my BNZ account.  I pay the transaction fee for payments under $150 by Paypal (www.paypal.com), although I charge a transaction fee of 3.4% for amounts over $150 which are paid through Paypal from a credit card.  Unfortunately, it is NOT possible to make payment to a credit card.  Please ask for a list of payment options if you need more details.

If you are not in New Zealand, and are not paying through www.paypal.com, please contact us to arrange a method of payment.

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