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Prices are indicated in the order form, which you can download from the box below. They are to buy the resources only.  If you want to be able to ask questions about the information in the resources, and to send in assignments for marking, you should register for the AMusTCL course.  If, after you have ordered the resources, you then decide you need help, contact us, describing the help you need.  You will be sent an estimate of the cost of providing that help.

A sample paper can be downloaded from the Trinity Guildhall website.

You can order a resources for five modules for a special price of $149.  Please note that this does not include all sections of the Composition Module.  In the order form you can choose which four sections to order.  If you want to order resources for all five questions, there is an extra fee of $9 per question.  (Paypal users please note that, as the amount is then over $150, transaction fees of 3.4% will be payable.)

All modules include exam-type questions.  (In some cases, sample answers are given as well.)  After you have studied the resources, you may if you wish answer any of these questions, or questions from specified past papers, and send your answers in for detailed comments, for an extra fee.  You can download a specimen paper from the Trinity College Website.  If you need to send in further answers, questions or full papers will be sent to you.  The fee is $35 per question, $130 per paper.

Most files are Word documents, or pdf, jpg or tiff files, which should open easily on any computer.  In the harmony section of the Score Analysis module there are a few midi files to allow students to hear the lines of music they are studying. 

Click here for information about charges, making payments, and the policy regarding refunds.


Download an order form for a full set of resources as a Word document or a pdf file.

Download an order form for specified resources as a Word document or a pdf file.

"Thank you for the excellent notes on Brahms, Vaughan Williams & Oldfield.  I find the assignments particularly helpful - I have prepared notes and assignments myself on these works for my student, but find thinking of a range of exercises and essay questions quite time consuming and difficult."
Hamilton, New Zealand, March 2001.




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"I was impressed with the standard and comprehensiveness (!) of the written material, very logical, easy-to-follow, and well-structured."  
Auckland, New Zealand, December 1998


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I would like to thank you sincerely for your tremendous help with study materials which you and the course have provided. I managed to pass with a 75% and am still chuffed with the outcome, despite only 2 months of your course work before my examination.  I'll be in contact with you soon again, with renewed vigor to take on the LmusTCL course work.  Thanking you once again for awesome work.
Nathan Peters,
Cape Town, South Africa
February 2016

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