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Mediant Studies

Registration for all or part of the AMusTCL course

This includes providing the resources, answering questions about them, commenting on assignments, and (if necessary) answering questions about the comments.   Many assignments are in the format of examination questions.  If you would like to have a second attempt at a question marked, or if you would like to answer questions from past papers and send them in for comment, there is an extra fee.  Click here for details.

You do not need to take the whole course at once:  you can take modules one by one.  If you want to take only part of a module, contact us, giving information about which section(s) of the module you would like to take.

You can if you wish take all six modules (so that, in the exam, you can choose between which composition questions to answer).

Click here to learn about course regulations.

Prices of modules and of the whole course are given in the registration form.  Click here to learn about course fees and payment methods.

Note: "All of the AMusTCL course" means all the five questions in the exam you need to prepare for.  Some students prefer to prepare for six questions (including all five parts of Section A).  There is an extra charge for this.


To take part of the course:  download the form as a Word document or PDF file.

To take five or six modules:  download the form as a Word document or PDF file.


Note:  The Word document is in the docx format used by versions of Word after 2003.  If you are using an earlier version of Word, click here to download a programme which will allow you to view docx files.

"Thank you for your prompt reply and support.  It is great for your course information.  It assists me a lot to prepare the exam.  Thanks a million."  Hong Kong, March 2018

"I'm learning so much from this course, and I am impressed by your systematic ways of organising vast unwieldy material."  Wellington, New Zealand 2005

"I am very happy with what was offered and would highly recommend it to anyone doing AMusTCL."  Auckland, New Zealand 1998